The only bed sheets designed especially for people with eczema, pressure ulcers and night sweats.

Manufactured in Australia


Note DermaSheets do NOT provide dust mite protection but are perfect to use over our AllergEnd Plus dust mite covers. If you have a skin condition and are dust mite allergic, consider DermaSheets in place of normal bed linen/sheets


For millions of Australians who suffer from skin conditions and night sweats, flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillow cases made from DermaSheets® can make an amazing difference. They keep the sleep environment cleaner, cooler and smoother.

What Makes DermaSheets® So Special?

Smooth to the touch DermaSheets® minimize friction with the skin. They don’t contain loose fibres that can irritate, tickle and potentially contaminate broken skin.
DermaSheets® is a specially engineered woven fabric made with micro-channel fibres that are designed to draw moisture away, leaving a dry, smooth sleeping surface. They also allow the skin to dry more quickly than when sleeping on cotton or polyester bedding. An additional benefit they carry is a soil release finish that aids in the removal of oily stains commonly associated with skin contact. This results in less trauma to sensitive skin and ultimately, a more comfortable sleep.

In a clinical trial conducted by the Department of Dermatology at a leading medical college, 8 out of 10 participants reported that DermaSheets®


• Reduced the amount of itching
• Minimized friction with the skin
• Improved overall skin appearance
• Increased the amount of uninterrupted sleep
• Offered greater comfort and an improved quality of life

How do DermaSheets® work? 

  • Evaporative Cooling

DermaSheets® are designed with multiple preventative features in the fabric to help minimize the irritation caused by debilitating skin conditions such as eczema (atopic dermatitis), acne, psoriasis and bed sores


DermaSheets® dry extremely quickly, it is the rapid evaporation of sweat from the sheets that cools the person

• DermaSheets® fabric is woven of yarns with unique fibre cross sections that create micro-channels to wick moisture away and quickly dry the skin
• Evaporation takes place on the fabric – not on the skin. It is this process of evaporation that cools the person under the sheet

DermaSheets Fabric magnified 130x

"Unique micro-channels


in the sheet yarns


wick moisture over the


sheet surface where it


is readily evaporated"


  • Cleaner Eliminates and controls bacteria

DermaSheets® has a highly effective bacterial inhibitor against organisms that may infect the skin. 


  • Soil repellent and washing durability

A soil-release finish that aids in the removal of stains, from oils to blood

Can be laundered at high temperatures

Extremely durable, whether laundered in a hospital laundry or at home 

  • Smoother

The smooth, low friction, low shear sheets reduce friction, skin tickling and irritation



See here for Studies and Trials using DermaSheets for Eczema, Pressure Ulcers and Night Sweats