The Unknown Micro World: Dust Mites and other Pests that Live with Us

If you want to know who accompanies us from day to night, here is an interesting video. It does cover dust mites in detail, but also puts them in perspective with other pests that live with us.

Key Points:

  • A dust mite is about 1/80th of an inch long. It is impossible to see with the naked eye.
  • Its diet are human and animal skin flakes.
  • Ninety percent of common house dust contains of shed skin.
  • Dust mites are everywhere we are.
  • Because they are so tiny, dust mites move easily through the weave of normal blankets and sheets. Consequently, even if you regularly wash your sheets and covers, the mites that have already infested your mattress and pillow will be back in no time.
  • Mites aren’t only a problem. They play an important role by turning our biological waste into their food.