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The Ultimate Dust Mite Protectors for Asthma, Eczema & Allergic Rhinitis

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  • 100% cotton zippered mattress, pillow and quilt covers
  • The highest specification of dust mite protection available
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - certified chemical free cotton
  • No plastic or polyurethane coatings = cool comfort
  • Exclusive MicroTight™ fabric - complete dust mite allergen barrier
  • 4 year warranty - 10 year service life expectancy
  • Manufactured by Formac Products Pty Ltd - Est. 1958
AllergEnd Plus is the market leading, 100% cotton, dust mite resistant, bedding covers designed for sufferers of dust mite allergy. These are the most comfortable, highest performance (3.7um) cotton dust mite covers available.
Sheets Designed Especially For People With Eczema and Night Sweats.

168飞艇官网开奖历史查询|幸运飞开艇官网开奖结果彩开奖网-开奖视频直播, Smooth, Cool & Comfortable Sleep

  • Reduce the amount of itching
  • Stay cool and comfortable in bed
  • Minimise friction with the skin
  • Improve overall skin appearance
  • Increase the amount of uninterrupted sleep
  • Greater comfort and an improved quality of life
  • Reduce the tendency to scratch
DermaSheets® is a specially engineered fabric made with micro-channel fibres that are designed to keep eczema, acne, night sweat and bed sore sufferers cool, dry and free of infections. Also great for aiding healing skin after laser cosmetic procedures.
The Perfect Gift For The Allergy Sufferer In Your Life

Give a friend or a loved one a head start to achieving Allergy Free living 


Dust Mite Allergies
Want to learn more about dust mite allergies? View how to control dust mite allergen exposure here

What Our Customers Have to Say...

Unbelievable! The bedding protection made an immediate difference - less sneezing & reduced swelling under the eyes. I have highly recommended it to friends.

K. Girdler, Avalon Beach, NSW

So far has significantly improved my 15 month old daughter's sleeping - previously coughed and woke regularly (3-4 times) a night.

G. Pither, Willoughby, NSW

Super fast delivery. Noticed improvement within a week, our son’s eczema is really clearing up.

L. Kauffmann Blaxland, NSW

My daughter used to constantly sneeze in the mornings but now she doesn’t sneeze at all and I consider myself to be a very clean freak. The covers have definitely made a difference.

C. Murry, Agnes Water, QLD

Matthew has suffered for 3 years with eczema and I never really believed dust mites could be the problem until we put the protectors on his mattress and pillow - WOW! What a difference. I feel terrible I did not do it sooner. Message to any parent who has been told their child's eczema will improve if dust mites are eliminated/minimised - Believe it! and act TODAY! Thanks

N. Williams, Ashbury, NSW

Great product.. My daughter’s eczema improved drastically after sleeping on this product. Peace of mind for both myself and my husband. She sleeps better and we all have a better nights rest. A very happy returning customer.

A. Canny, Bayswater, VIC

Excellent response to my order, ordered on the net one day, on the bed the next! Well done!

A. Saccardo, Rosslyn Park, SA

My son suffers from chronic hay-fever & has a dust mite allergy – he only had your products for a fortnight and they seem to have helped tremendously – wish I’d got them earlier!!

Mrs L. Russell, Mt Eliza, VIC

Our daughter suffers from severe eczema and until fitting Allergend Plus hadnt slept right through the night. What a saviour this product is. Our whole family is better for it.

Mr. R Sinclair-Smith, Narrabundah, ACT

After many sleepless nights spent sneezing, coughing & scratching, the change was almost immediate with no more rhinitis & eczema clearing shortly afterwards. Thanks so much!

J. Jennings, Little Mountain, QLQ

Quality product, well made, efficient customer service, will recommend products to family and friends.

Mr R. Caithness, Gladstone Park, VIC

I suffer from Rhinitis and have put up with the pain and headaches for 15 years. The pain was gone the first night I used Allergend. Thank you

Ms K. Chilcot, Montana, TAS
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